Next Meeting

72nd Beavers
Thursday, 27th Nov 2014
Location Chelsea Park
Time 17:15
Dark Night!
72nd Cub Scouts
Thursday, 27th Nov 2014
Location Hall
Time 18:15
All cubs have musical talent so let’s get the musician badge tonight
72nd Scouts
Friday, 28th Nov 2014
Location To be confirmed
Time 19:30
Night Hike. Please note this will involve a hike at night. FRIDAY NIGHT TO SATURDAY MORNING


Bonfire Debrief Meeting Tuesday 2 December 20:00Tue, 25th Nov 2014
Note to all helpers or anyone who wants to help in the future. Please join the bonfire committee for a debrief meeting in the Psalter Tavern on the 2 December at 20:00. We will review what worked, what needs improving, what needs adding and what ne...[ more ]
Beaver Waiting ListMon, 13th Oct 2014
Thank you to everyone who signed their child up to join Beavers. Our waiting list is now closed to all children- it will open again shortly for children born in 2009-10 and 10-11, but I will need to see how the numbers are faring first.
[ more ]
Bonfire helpers planning evening 24 SeptemberWed, 17th Sep 2014
Wanted: Helpers for the Chelsea Park Bonfire Planning Evening
When: Wednesday 24 September 8:00PM
Where: The Psalter Tavern
What: Catering, Fireworks, Bonfire building, Wood Collection, Park preparation, Food buying etc…
...[ more ]