Next Meeting

72nd Beavers
Thursday, 15th Jan 2015
Location Scout Hall
Time 17:15
Back from Christmas
72nd Cub Scouts
Thursday, 8th Jan 2015
Location Hall
Time 18:15
Games night

The Scout programme is currently being updated. Please check back shortly.


Beaver Waiting ListSun, 14th Dec 2014
The Beaver waiting list is now open for 6 children born in 2010-11 and 8 children in 2011-12. Currently, there are no spaces available for children born before these dates.

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News reports on the BBCFri, 12th Dec 2014

I am writing to all the parents of our Beavers and Cubs in my capacity as the Group Scout Leader. A separate but identical communication is also going to the Scout parents.

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Cubs cancelled on 4th DecemberWed, 3rd Dec 2014
Please note that there will not be a cubs meeting on the 4th December. We will be running our walk on 11 December as per the programme but meeting at 6:30 instead of 6:15 to allow for parents collecting Beavers to have a bit more time.