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72nd Beavers
Thursday, 30th Apr 2015
Location No Beavers
Time 17:15
No Beavers
72nd Cub Scouts
Thursday, 30th Apr 2015
Location Chelsea Park
Time 18:15
Push Ball Part of the 'Year of Adventure' Programme - it's like football, only bigger, much bigger! Meet and Collect from the top field, where the bonfire is held
72nd Scouts
Thursday, 30th Apr 2015
Location Scout Hall
Time 19:30
Trebuchet Part deux. Complete the ancient siege engine...


Scout Subs DueFri, 24th Apr 2015
Calling all Scout parents... your son will have returned home last night with a subs form... Sorry but the scouts aren't as organised as cubs and beavers with OSM.

Please send subs for this summer term (£25) with your son next Thursda...[ more ]
Scout Programme Updated!Sat, 18th Apr 2015
Please look at this Term's programme. We're making the most of light-nights and we're out-and-about most of the time.

There are two camps this term - Splashdown in late June with another camp earlier in the month. More Information ...[ more ]
Metrodome Trip - Thursday 26-03-15Mon, 23rd Mar 2015
Details and consent form for this Thursday.

Please complete and bring along. No Form, No Trip.

Meet Sheffield station 1815hrs

Return and collect 2140hrs.


[ more ]