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72nd Beavers
Thursday, 30th Oct 2014
Location No Beavers
Time 17:15
No Beavers: Half Term
72nd Cub Scouts
Thursday, 6th Nov 2014
Location Hall
Time 18:15
Bonfire lanterns
72nd Scouts
Thursday, 30th Oct 2014
Location No meeting
Time 19:30
Half Term


Scouts 23/10Wed, 22nd Oct 2014
We'll be meeting at the Hunter's Bar entrance to Endcliffe Park this week.
Beaver Waiting ListMon, 13th Oct 2014
Thank you to everyone who signed their child up to join Beavers. Our waiting list is now closed to all children- it will open again shortly for children born in 2009-10 and 10-11, but I will need to see how the numbers are faring first.
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Bonfire helpers planning evening 24 SeptemberWed, 17th Sep 2014
Wanted: Helpers for the Chelsea Park Bonfire Planning Evening
When: Wednesday 24 September 8:00PM
Where: The Psalter Tavern
What: Catering, Fireworks, Bonfire building, Wood Collection, Park preparation, Food buying etc…
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