Beavers Programme

12/09/2019Games first Week Back
19/09/2019Dentist - mouth care
26/09/2019Healthy Eating & Excercise
03/10/2019Navigator - Week 1
10/10/2019Navigator - Week 2
17/10/2019Bonfire Guy design competition
24/10/2019Bonfire Guy - making
31/10/2019NO BEAVERS - Half Term
02/11/2019CHELSEA PARK BONFIREBeavers (and parents) to help with set up and collection on the night
14/11/2019Kitchen safety and HygineWe're starting towards our cooks badge by learning about kitchen safety and hygiene
21/11/2019Design and Make a Pizza
28/11/2019Choc Orange BrowniesLeo cook Gabriel
05/12/2019Egg Drop Challenge
12/12/2019Team Puzzle Challenge
19/12/2019Making Christmas Cards